What is SEO?

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In 2009, a study reported that there were over 25.21 billion web pages on the internet. With all of those pages competing for the eyes of every user, how are you supposed to succeed? Does it seem like an impossible task to get traffic to your web site?

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps you rank higher in the search engine results pages. A good SEO company can help you:

Why Do I Need SEO?

Corporate America has already decided that now is the time to invest in search engine optimization. Companies such as 1-800-Contacts, Dell, and H&R Block are investing tens of thousands of dollars a year to rank in traffic from the search engines.

Besides these large companies, small and medium sized businesses are taking note as well. Companies in every vertical are taking advantage of the additional traffic that the search engines are sending them and seeing new customers walking through their doors. And those new customers are turning into sales!

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is a multi-faceted discipline. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and algorithm changes in order to rank sites as quickly as possible. An experienced search engine optimizer will know the ranking factors that will help your site rank as quickly as possible.

Step 1

The first action item for the SEO company is researching your niche and the competitors that are already in it. Using SEO tools (including the Google keyword tool) the competitive landscape can be researched. During this phase of search engine optimization, the SEO company will be able to find the keywords that are being searched for that will bring the kind of traffic that will benefit your website.

Step 2

Next, the SEO company will perform an in-depth analysis on your current web site. The company will look at some of the following factors:

Once the website itself is fully optimized for the keywords that were identified in step 1, the top search engines will be sure to start sending some love. But on-site optimization is just the beginning.

Step 3

Now it’s time to get to the part of SEO that can be most rewarding and most frustrating all at the same time: linkbuilding! Using various proven methods, we will build links to your site. This is the most important aspect of SEO. Studies have shown that linkbuilding accounts for approximately 42% of a page’s overall ranking score. Because links account for such a large percentage of the overall ranking score, it’s important to pay special attention to this activity.

Those are the basics steps for SEO and give a brief overview to answer the question of ‘What is SEO?’

One other thing to note is the difference between organic SEO and local SEO. Most SEO companies have experience at ranking in the organic results but are not as experienced at ranking sites in the local search results. You want to take advantage of both for your site.

How Local SEO Works

Similar to organic SEO, there are certain steps that should be taken when trying to rank a page in the local search results.

Step 1

Create a Google Places profile and optimize it. Certain steps should be taken to properly optimize the Places profile for your website. A complete profile is very important to get a high local search ranking.

Step 2

Much in the same way that building links is so important for a site that wants to rank in the organic results, building citations is equally important for ranking in the local results. A citation is basically a mention of your business or site online even if there is not a link back to your site. There are many sites that do this, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and City Local, to name a few.

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